General Questions

TinkWs offers premium-level TikTok services at reasonable prices. We have a team of dedicated and experienced specialists that have worked hard to develop a platform where anyone can purchase TikTok services and continue to develop further.
We specialize in TikTok marketing, thus you can definitely rely on us to grow your brand and reputation on this social media platform!

Absolutely not. We only need your Username and Email address to fulfill the order.
All service providers that ask for your password are likely non-legit or very untrustworthy because your password is absolutely unnecessary in order to provide your videos with views, shares, comments or followers for the account. Never give up sensitive information on your account.

Your account shouldn’t be banned for using TinkWs. You can confidently use the free trial service or purchase packages of likes, views, shares, followers, comments without the worry of getting banned on TikTok.
In addition, we offer a 30-day retention guarantee which ensures that the new followers which you purchase stay in your account at least for 30 whole days. But, as our experience shows, followers and other services shouldn’t disappear, even over time.

We ask you to not change your username during the delivery because otherwise, the order might not be completely fulfilled.
Changing your username could mislead our servers and whichever service you order, could get lost and remain unfulfilled. Regardless of which service and/or package you decide to get, please wait until the order is fully complete before changing your username.

Taking back likes, comments, shares, views etc. isn’t possible right now. TikTok does not allow you to remove or take back whichever people interacted with your content in this way.
However, what you can do is just delete the video itself to remove the numbers entirely. On the other hand, you can remove followers, but it takes a lot of manual work.
Open the “Followers” tab and click the three-dotted icon next to the person you wish to remove as a follower and click “Remove this follower”.

By proceeding with the purchase you agree with our terms of sales and services, and also agree that refunds are only issued and offered in accordance to our terms and rules listed in the Refund Policy document.
Since we sell non-tangible irrevocable service, we cannot issue a refund after the order is completed.
However, if for some reason, we fail to complete the order which you paid for, we will undoubtedly issue a refund as per rules.

After your TinkWs account is created and if you want to change the email or password – simply login and navigate to the “My Account” section to start the changing process.
Click the “Profile” and from there, press on “Change password”. Write the old password and type in the new to confirm the change. Email changes also require you to enter the current password for your account to finalize the change.

We ask that you remain patient for the time being. Please allow up to 12 hours for the delivery to start. If it doesn’t start within 12 hours – contact our support so we can check it out in detail!

Yes, placing orders for someone else’s accounts is possible but you have to be sure that the account isn’t private. If the account isn’t public, we just can’t add the product packages.

Yes, TinkWs offers discounts for orders over $30 (cart value).
Here are the coupon codes:
  • TIKTOK3 - $3 discount for orders over $30
  • TIKTOK5 - $5 discount for orders over $70
  • TIKTOK10 - $10 discount for orders over $125
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