30th June, 2021


Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?
12th March, 2020

We all probably know the feeling of accidentally screenshotting the wrong story, snap, etc. It might have happened to you once or even more times. Still, it can get uncomfortable as you migh...

How to get Instagram Likes for Free with SocialShaft (in 10 Minutes!)
26th February, 2020

Wish to grow a successful business on IG? Always excited by the idea of going viral on this social network? Want to reach your goals fast and without spending a fortune? Free likes on Instag...

How Instagram Tracks View Counts (And Why You Should Care)
27th September, 2019

Instagram engagement, to simplify, is the measurement of how many people’s attention you have. Likes indicate approval and comments sort of signify passion or determined interest at the le...

Tick Tock, On The Dot: The Best Instagram Posting Times (And Why They Should Matter To You)
13th September, 2019

As inspiring as it is to read about those people that went from a few dozen followers to the online powerhouses they are today, good odds that won’t necessarily apply to you. It was a simp...

Instagram is Hiding Likes in 7 More Countries
20th August, 2019

Why is Instagram hiding likes? How would they do it? And how would this change affect users, influencers, and businesses on the social media platform? Last May, Instagram announced that...

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